Spring Show Dates!


Before I completely lose my mind (the chaos of the season always creeps up on me), I want to make sure that I post which festivals I will be at this spring. 

I'm looking forward to: 

- chilly mornings packing the car before the sun is fully up

- scarfing down scalding breakfast sandwiches on the ride to the show (or eating them cold after I set up)

- forgetting at least half a dozen things, hopefully none of them vital to the day

- my first customer of the show! 

- soaking up the sun and talking plants all day long  :) 


Here's what you can look forward to:

- new hypertufa designs and planters filled with lovely succulents and cacti

- hanging air plant displays

- glass centerpieces filled with air plant arrangements

- 100% soy candles blended with pure essential oils in vintage glass jars (new this year!!!)

- bouquets of seasonal flowers (also new this year!!!)

- + lots of other talented artists gathered in one place! And usually some delicious food trucks!


here's where I'll be setting up shop this spring:

April 10th - Chestnut Hill Clover Market (click here for more info)

April 24th - Bryn Mawr Clover Market (click here for more info)

April 30th - Downtown Glenside Arts Festival (click here for more info)

May 1st - Chestnut Hill Home & Garden Festival (click here for more info)

Looking forward to seeing lots of friends and new faces this year!