A beautiful day for a wedding....

Over the past couple of months, I had the pleasure of working with a blissfully chill bride on her wedding decor. In the midst of show season, it was a challenge to balance both wedding prep and show prep, but it was also a real joy. (totally overwhelmed with work = fun for me)... 

We met at a spring Clover show, and began working together shortly after. The concept came together as an eclectic, vintage inspired table-scape with gorgeous flowers and greens highlighting the glass bottles and vases I would collect from all over. Fortunately, this is one of my favorite designs, and one I employ in my own home almost every day ;). 


Having done floral design for events in the past, I was mostly prepared for what was to come. However, a wedding poses all kinds of challenges that need to be carefully timed and brought to fruition. A good wholesaler is key, one who knows your deadlines and treats your order as if it was their own. I ran into major problems when I picked up my flowers the day before the wedding and realized that they had not been cared for. Dahlias in particular can be tricky, and they don't like to be neglected. My team rallied around me and jumped on the phones, calling everyone in the area who we thought might have dahlias in stock. 

"6 stems in Wayne!" 

"20 stems of white in Conshohocken!"

"4 stems of white, 3 of blush in Chestnut Hill!"

(To give some perspective.....we needed upwards of 70.)

Finally we found another wholesaler across the bridge who was fully stocked and able to accommodate us. It turned out not only did we need fresh dahlias, but also fresh white stock, fresh delphiniums....the first order was a real debacle. We were able to replace these less than 24 hours before the wedding and start anew. (And gained some new friends across the bridge!)


Fortunately for me, I started dying my hair blonde, so the grey hair from those 24 hours shouldn't show too much :). 

Thanks to my sweet team, who endured all kinds of abuse (from the she-devil that took over my body) during this time, I was able to pull it off...including hanging upwards of 200 strands of origami swans over the dance floor. 


It's so fulfilling to look around the room, make last minute adjustments, then quietly clean up and creep out the side door while the bridal party is just getting there holding their bouquets and wearing their boutonni√®res (still fresh, still bright, hooray!) . 

Here are some photos from the days leading up to the wedding as well as the day of. 

To all my fellow budding floral designers.....remember, early to bed, early to rise, and LOTS of takeout meals. It also helps to have a team member in charge of snacks, who will feed them to you if necessary while your hands are full of flowers. Power to the plants!!! :)